The Faculty


Myosin molecular motors, single-molecule enzymology, actin cytoskeletal dynamics


B.S., Chemistry, University of Chicago, 1992

Ph.D., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1999

Postdoc, Stanford University

Research Summary

Cells use an extensive toolkit of molecular motors to traffic materials, to anchor internal components in fixed positions, and to control their shape. Our major goals are to (1) understand how cells use molecular motors to organize their contents and change shape, and (2) to use this knowledge to control cellular architecture and cell motility. We focus on myosin motors moving along the actin cytoskeleton, and use advanced microscopy methods to visualize and manipulate single molecules in both purified systems and whole cells. We seek to address the following questions: How do motor proteins navigate the cytoskeleton, where an enormous number of tracks point in every direction? Can we uncover the cellular roadmap for motor traffic? How do motors force remodeling of their cytoskeletal tracks? How does an organized cytoskeleton arise from sets of simple molecular interactions? Together, this information will help us to identify molecular targets in efforts to prevent aberrant cell motility, such as cancer cell metastasis.

Selected Publications

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