The Faculty


Biophysical basis of epithelial morphogenesis and organ shape


BS Chemistry, University of Oregon, 1996
PhD Biochemistry, University of California, San Francisco, 2003

Research Summary

During development, discrete organs and entire body plans emerge from the coordinate actions of individual cells. These complex morphogenetic events require dynamic regulation of cell shape, polarity and adhesion across cell populations. Our lab seeks to understand how these diverse cellular behaviors are orchestrated to produce an organ's functional shape.

To this end, we are using genetic, cell biological and live imaging approaches in Drosophila to investigate how a simple, ovarian structure called and egg chamber lengthens as it grows. We are particularly interested in the roles that collective cell migration and basement membrane remodeling play in this process. Please visit our lab website for more information about the strengths of this system and the specific questions that we pursue.

Selected Publications

Zajac AL and Horne-Badovinac S (2021). Basement membrane protein secretion is directed to a basal region of the basolateral membrane in epithelial cells by kinesin-3 and kinesin-1 motors. (in revision at Current Biology).

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