The Students

New ideas and fresh faces are essential to driving science forward.

The program accepts a small number of top students, less than ten. Our graduate program ends with a Ph.D. in Biophysical Sciences jointly granted by both the Biological and Physical Sciences Divisions of The University of Chicago. It begins with an On-Line Application.

  • “Instead of joining an already interdisciplinary field, why not merge two fields that have never been combined before and call it your own? This type of mentality is what brought me to UChicago and gave me the opportunity to explore this great city.”
    Héctor Acarón

    Héctor Acarón


    Bozhi Tian


    Wei Wei


  • “Having exposure to the expertise and professional philosophies of two different mentors has given me invaluable perspective on conducting research. Being a part of the biophysical sciences program has helped me grow as a scientist by consistently pushing me outside my comfort zone.”
    Cat Triandafillou

    Cat Triandafillou


    Aaron Dinner


    Allan Drummond


  • “The biophysics program has given me the unique opportunity to bridge several fields in a unique and novel way. I am excited to continue to learn from both of my mentors and contribute to the breadth of knowledge that exists in both of my labs and their respective fields.”
    Ramya Parameswaran

    Ramya Parameswaran


    Erin Adams


    Bozhi Tian


  • “When I came to graduate school, I wanted to have a hand in designing my own project and doing something unique. I chose the biophysical sciences program at Chicago because it is geared toward finding new science in between established disciplines and established labs.”
    Sam Stam

    Sam Stam


    Wendy Zhang


    Margaret Gardel


Student Profiles

Choose a year:

Entered 2017
Wen-hung Chou

HometownKaohsiung, Taiwan

EducationNational Taiwan University

Jessica Morgan

HometownPlymouth, MA

EducationSmith College

Steven Redford

HometownSacramento, CA

EducationUC Berkeley

Vedant Sachdeva

HometownPrinceton, NJ

EducationRutgers University

Elizabeth White

HometownMount Vernon, NH

EducationAmherst College

Vilmos Zsolnay

HometownWilmette, IL

EducationNorthwestern University

Entered 2016
Wenli Dai


EducationNorthwestern University

Eric Gauchat

HometownBuffalo, NY

EducationSUNY Buffalo State College

Devin Harrison

HometownSound Beach, NY

EducationWorcester Polytechnic Institute

Evan Kiefl

HometownVancouver, Canada

EducationUniversity Of Victoria

Andrés Moya Rodríguez

HometownHatillo, Puerto Rico

EducationUniversity Of Puerto Rico--Mayaguez Campus

Amar Risbud

HometownSan Jose, CA

EducationUC Berkeley

Alan Selewa

HometownChicago, IL

EducationUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hallie Sussman

HometownTempe, AZ

EducationArizona State University

Yifan Zhou

HometownShanghai, PRC

EducationTsinghua University

Entered 2015
Christopher Boughter


EducationUniversity of Maryland

Nabil Faruk


EducationUniversity of Waterloo

Lu Hong


EducationWabash College

Young Hoon Koh


EducationUniversity of Pennsylvania

Matthew Reyer


EducationUniversity of Oregon

Alon Shaiber


EducationHebrew University of Jerusalem

Aiman Sherani


EducationWellesley College

Jiacheng (Jeff) Zhang


EducationPeking University

Entered 2014
César Cardona

HometownBogotá, Colombia

EducationUniversidad Nacional de Colombia; University of Memphis

Vaughn Spurrier

HometownCleveland, OH

EducationTemple University

Catherine Triandafillou

HometownOrono, ME

EducationTemple University
BSAB 2016-2017

Entered 2013
Héctor Acarón Ledesma

HometownSan Juan, Puerto Rico

EducationCornell University
BSAB 2016-2017

Ramya Parameswaran

HometownMoraga, CA

EducationStanford University

Joshua Riback

HometownLivingston, NJ

EducationJohns Hopkins University
BSAB 2016-2017

Entered 2012
Herman Gudjonson

HometownStony Brook, NY

EducationHarvard University
BSAB 2016-2017

Eugene Leypunskiy

HometownGlen Rock, NJ

EducationPrinceton University

Ryan Mork

HometownColumbia Heights, MN

EducationUniversity of Minnesota
BSAB 2016-2017

Kevin Song

HometownLawrence, KS

EducationUniversity of Kansas

Entered 2011
Daniel Kerr

HometownSanta Monica, CA

EducationUC Santa Barbara

Boleslaw Osinski

HometownAlbuquerque, NM

EducationUniversity of New Mexico

James Crooks, PhD

HometownPalm Harbor, FL

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2015

Peter Dahlberg, PhD

HometownMinneapolis, MN

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2016

Vu Dinh, PhD

HometownHo Chi Minh City, Viet-Nam

EducationCal Tech

Tobias Falzone, PhD

HometownTurlock, CA

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2012

Ivy Fitzgerald, PhD

HometownHood River, OR

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2014

Moira Flanagan, PhD

HometownCold Spring, NY

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2016

Sean Gibbons, Ph.D.

HometownMissoula, MT

EducationUniversity of Chicago, Ph.D. 2015

Alan Hutchison, PhD

HometownFort Thomas, KY

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2016

Phillip Long, PhD

HometownSpokane, WA

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2013

William McFadden, PhD

HometownQuincy, IL

EducationUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

David Medovoy, PhD

HometownBeachwood, OH

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2013

Guillermina Ramírez-San Juan, PhD

HometownToluca, Mexico

EducationUniversidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico

Gabriel Salzman, PhD

HometownNew York, NY

EducationJohns Hopkins University

Monika Scholz, PhD

HometownDresden, Germany

EducationBayerische Julius-Maximillians-Univ. Wurzburg; Technical University Of Dresden
BSAB 2016-2017

Samantha Stam, PhD

HometownNegaunee, MI

EducationMichigan Technological Institute

Caitlin Sullivan Trejo, PhD

HometownNaperville, IL

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2015

Gregory Tietjen, PhD

HometownBradford, PA

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2013

Lawrence Uricchio, MS

HometownHartford, CT

EducationUniversity of Chicago, MS 2009

Ernesto Vargas, PhD

HometownWest Chicago, IL

EducationUniversity of Chicago, PhD 2013

David Weinstein, Ph.D.

HometownLa Serena, Chile

EducationUniversity of Chicago, Ph.D. 2015

Charles Wright, Ph.D.

HometownCleveland, TN

EducationUniversity of Chicago, Ph.D. 2015