The Faculty


Structural biochemistry of DNA recombination


B.A., Biochemistry Brandeis University, 1986

Ph.D., Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Yale University, 1992

Post-doctoral fellow at LMB/NIDDK/NIH 1993-1997

Research Summary

We combine biochemistry and x-ray crystallography to study protein-DNA interactions and DNA recombination.

Site-specific DNA recombinases: These cut and paste DNA at defined sequences, and are useful genetic tools. They exchange DNA partners via a remarkable molecular swivel. Two favorites are:
(1) Sin, which aids stable maintenance of multi-resistance plasmids of S. aureus. Sin is regulated by the global topology of its plasmid substrate. In collaboration with the Stark group in Glasgow, we are using kinetics, crystallography, and molecular modeling to understand this enzyme at the molecular level.
(2) CcrA/B/C, which mobilize the methicillin-resistance encoding element that turns garden-variety S. aureus into MRSA. Their catalytic domain is related to Sin’s, but their regulation is very different and rather mysterious. This is a local collaboration with Drs. Daum and Boyle- Vavra, who study the epidemiology of MRSA.

“classical” DNA transposases: members of this family are closely related to retroviral integrases. They catalyze the mobility of numerous DNA transposons, contributing to horizontal gene transfer and antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
Rad51 and its prokaryotic counterpart RecA , repair dsDNA breaks and rescue stalled replication forks. They bind a single strand of DNA, then play molecular matchmaker to align it with a homologous sequence in duplex DNA. We determined the first structure of a filament of yeast Rad51, and are examining the details of the protein-protein interactions that activate its ATPase.

LexA, the master regulator of the bacterial DNA damage response and a potential antibiotic target. LexA is a transcriptional repressor that cleaves itself when it contacts active RecA filaments. We recently determined the structure of LexA bound to an SOS box, and are working to understand its interactions with RecA, and the surprising variety of SOS systems found in diverse bacteria.

Selected Publications

Chen, Y., Narendra, U., Ipye, L.E. Cox, M.M. and Rice, P.A.  Crystal structure of a Flp recombinase - Holliday junction complex:  assembly of an active oligomer by helix swapping.  Molecular Cell 6, 885-897 (2000).  (featured on the cover)

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featured on the journal cover and highlighted in Structure: Assembly of a tightly interwound DNA recombination complex poised for deletion. Johnson RC, Heiss JK. Structure. 2008 May;16(5):653-5.

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Highlighted in an accompanying Preview: Recombining DNA by protein swivels. Johnson RC, McLean MM.  Structure. 19(6):751-3 (2011).

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