The Faculty


Bayesian and computational statistics, particularly when applied to problems in population genetics


2006 The Royal Statistical Society - Guy Medal in Bronze

Research Description

My general interests include Bayesian and computational statistics, particularly when applied to problems in population genetics.  Specific interests include:

  • estimating haplotypes from population genotype data (for which I distribute a software package PHASE).
  • developing statistical models for patterns of linkage disequilibrium across multiple loci, and using these patterns to identify recombination hotspots.
  • spatial modelling of allele frequency variation.

Selected Publications

B Howie, C Fuchsberger, M Stephens, J Marchini and Gonçalo R Abecasis. Fast and accurate genotype imputation in genome-wide association studies through pre-phasing. Nature Genetics, July 2012 44(8): 955-959.

X Zhou and M Stephens.  Genome-wide efficient mixed model analysis for association studies.Nature Genetics, June 2012 44(7): 821-824. 

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J C Maranville, F Luca, A L Richards, X Wen, D B Witonsky, S Baxter, Matthew Stephens and Anna Di Rienzo. Interactions between Glucocorticoid Treatment and Cis-Regulatory Polymorphisms Contribute to Cellular Response Phenotypes. PLoS Gentics 7(7): e1002162, July 2011. PMC3131293

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