The Faculty


Thermophysical properties of fluids and solids at a molecular level


A fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as the American Physical Society, de Pablo has also received the 2011 Charles Stine Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

He received his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and his BS in chemical engineering from the National University of Mexico. He conducted postdoctoral research in materials science at the Institut für Polymere in Zurich.

Research Summary

Knowing and understanding the thermophysical properties of fluids and solids, respectively, is essential for designing efficient chemical processes and for developing new materials. Our research investigates the thermophysical properties of fluids and solids at a molecular level, and uses molecular-thermodynamic models and statistical-mechanical principles.

Molecular simulations are important to our research. Using advanced methods and powerful computers, we examine molecular motion and probe the microscopic structure of fluids and solids. Based on these studies, we try to explain and predict the macroscopic behavior of these systems. These predictions are then compared to our and our collaborators experimental laboratory data.

Research Topics

Some of the common problem that we work with are:

Selected Papers

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