The Faculty


Observational and theoretical approaches to how the brain encodes and stores information


PhD, University of Manitoba

BPHYS Student

Vaughn Spurrier

Research Interests

  • Cellular & Molecular
  • Computational & Theoretical
  • Development & Plasticity
  • Systems / Behavior / Cognitive

Neurons do not work in isolation but rather operate together, within local interconnected circuits. Our lab uses the latest technology in microscopy to allow us to examine the long standing questions of how information is encoded and stored in the neocortex, at the level of the functional neuronal circuit. Other techniques are limited to the examination of either large brain regions, missing the resolution needed to analyze the underlying mechanisms, or to single neurons, missing the activity of the circuit in which the neurons are embedded. Experiments at the circuit level are essential to answering these questions because studies in which single or even a few cells are monitored fundamentally miss the emergent properties of these circuits.

Select Publications

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