The Faculty



2004 B.S., (Mathematics), California Institute of Technology

2009, PhD, (Physics) Princeton University

2009-2012, Visiting Researcher, Rockefeller University

2009-2012, Member, Institute for Advanced Study

2012-2015, Postdoc, Harvard University

2015-present Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Research Interests

Recent advances in computational intelligence have relied on emergent collective behavior of simulated dynamical and statistical systems. Can such smart collective behaviors in `software’ (error correction, pattern recognition, associative memory) be implemented directly in ‘hardware’ (biochemical reactions, self-assembly, robotics)?

Bringing such emergent behavior back home to real physical and chemical systems can shed light on such learning and adaptive behaviors, reveal completely novel behaviors and lead to new forms of designer matter.

Current work includes:
1. Olfaction, molecular recognition and discrimination and an information theory of `shape'. 
2.  Disordered marginal mechanics with 'association' and 'recognition' abilities of neural networks.  Connections to kinetic architectures, soft actuators and problems of control.
3. Non-equilibrium dynamics and error correction, driven chemical reaction networks, relationship to search and exploration strategies.